Variations of Communication—A Challenged Notion for Valentino Collezione

Valentino commissioned five renowned artists to share their individual creations and artwork featuring the iconic Valentino Garavani accessories in the latest Valentino Collezione Milano Painters Advertising Campaign. It’s a challenge of how fashion can be viewed through the eyes of creatives. The artists include; Alexis Ralaivao (France),  Louise Giovanelli (UK), Zhang Shexian (China), Nahum Kim (Korea) and Iori Nagashima (Japan).


Alexis Ralaivao—La Clef

A woman reaches into her plush-looking bag whilst walking along the countryside. The observer wonders what is happening asking themselves “Where is she, what is she reaching in her bag, where does that path go?” Ralaivao’s work radiates love, “The paintings are dreamlike. The warm tones seamlessly blend together weaving an ode to tenderness. Each piece is a snippet of a larger love story.”

Louise Giovanelli CF052427-16-9 copy.jpg

Louise Giovanelli—Dominion

Giovanelli focused on the robust volume of classic Valentino handbags. Single pigments are layered in order to arrive at deep, rich hues accented by gold chain work and stud details. “Through interconnected series, Giovanelli weaves together visual clues surrounding a specific moment or event.” 

Zhang Shexian—Untitled, 2021

“Vitality is a flow, don’t force it, and the rest will fall into place.”

Nahum Kim—Roman Stud Space

“He mainly uses the iPad to draw pictures and he does his works by mixing various materials such as oil pastel and acrylic.” Kim-Roman was drawn to the gold studs of the Valentino Garvani Roman Stud Bag and he went about creating a constellation of sorts, as the hardware reminded him of staring at the stars.

lori Nagashima—青い雨

The handbag itself and the bold ivory stand out in Nagashima’s rainy, dark depiction of the handbag. “I wanted to draw it in a sense of reality, and tried to express it naturally in the scene. I wanted to give a story to the drawing like a novel or movie, trying to capture a singular moment.”