New Titles Coming to Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Eye and TRAVEL BOOK Series

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has treasured the idea of travel and foreign destinations and celebrated worldly findings from collection to collection.


This series of photography books aims to capture its surroundings in a more rural destination though the eyes of a visionary fashion photographer. With the introduction of Fashion Eye Books, the Louis Vuitton brand looks to feature works of various modern fashion photographers.

Later this year two additional titles will be available; Kyoto by Mayumi Hosokura (an up and coming artists from Kyoto) and Normandie by Jean Moral (on behalf of the estate, as the Parisian photographer died in 1999). In depth interviews and biographies accompany the artwork of both respective photographers. 

The books are offered in hardback styles with a bevy of bright colors ranging from yellow to berry to cobalt blue and everything in between. The series is meant to be stored together as a collector’s item.

As previous titles have done, each album highlights a country, region, city or destination through the lens of a fashion photographer.

New Fashion Eye books Kyoto and Normandie launch March 2021 online and in-store beginning in April.


The TRAVEL BOOK collection showcases travel destination through the lens of artists who may be less familiar with the places they’re visiting. It’s an authentic invitation to become imaginative and charmed by each promising artist. 

New additions are made annually with each edition illustrating the story-telling of city/country chosen specifically by each artist with their own artistic vocabulary (drawings, cartoons, etc). 

The books boast cover graphics by one of the hand-selected artists featured in the book.

New Travel Books Australia, Brussels and Shanghai launch May 15, 2021 online and in-store.