Architecture Meets Cultural Appreciation for the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall/Winter ’21

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall/Winter 2021 Collection is comprised of three Acts and features the likes of Kandis Williams, Tosh Basco, Saul Williams, yasiin bey, Black Cracker and Steven Sowah.

The notorious K-POP boy group BTS, also Louis Vuitton’s newly designated brand ambassador, attended the presentation in Seoul.

“Within my practice, I contribute to a Black canon of culture and art and its preservation. This is why, to preserve my own output, I record it at length.” –Virgil Abloh

Like most designers, the collections boasts sustainability and upcycled by recycling material from overstock. An entire glossary of terms is also included in the presentation, penned by Artistic Director Virgil Abloh.

Accessible silhouettes paired with pattern-heavy layers make for an approachability that’s new to the house. One can imagine a wide array of individuals donning various selects from blanket ponchos, tartans and Kente cloth to baggy distress jeans.

Virgil Abloh brings his established idea of “Tourist vs. Purist” to the forefront: his term for the outsider, who aspires towards an esoteric domain of knowledge versus the insider, who already occupies it. The collection detects their respective codes in order to defy and unite them.

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