Jumeirah Bali—An Escape into the Divine

Few destinations stun their visitors quite like Bali. Nicknamed the Island of the Gods, its serene landscapes, glistening water, and rich culture seem to have come from the heavens. On the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula, the Uluwatu region sums up the majesty of the island. Jarring, verdant cliffs stretch down the pristine coastline, and vibrant turquoise water laps on the sandy shore. Nestled next to Dreamland Beach, one of the area’s loveliest beaches, is a private slice of paradise: Jumeirah Bali Resort.

The resort is a part of the world-renowned Jumeirah Group, a global luxury hospitality company that’s responsible for remarkable hotels throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Its latest addition in Bali embodies the company’s standard of combining local culture with modern luxury. On such a popular island, standing out amongst the other resorts is a tall order. But Jumeirah Group has exceeded expectations and created an escape into the divine. Visitors here fall into a world of Majapahit Empire-inspired architecture, luxurious villas, unforgettable dining options, and angelic wellness and spa experiences.

A stay at Jumeirah Bali Resort goes beyond the normal hotel experience. Families, couples, or solo travelers are given the space and tools to find inner balance and connect with the natural surroundings. Its uniqueness is what has made it one of Bali’s most reputable resorts.

The Ambiance

One step onto the property transports guests into a blended world of Hindu-Javanese history, nature, and splendor. Jumeirah Bali Resort is a representation of the Majapahit Empire’s golden era–an era that was short-lived but marked the peak of Indonesian civilization. The tone of the experience is set with a welcoming by a magnificent 120-year-old red bodhi tree. In Buddhism, the red bodhi is referred to as the tree of awakening. It became a sacred symbol for the Majajpahit Empire and was placed in the entrances of royal dwellings and religious sites.

The open-air design, fountains, ponds, and flora create an atmosphere that’s less like a resort and more like a sanctuary. Jumeirah Group strived to overlap the best of the old empire with contemporary ideas. By using indigenous building materials and modern simplicity, every nook and cranny of the hotel exudes tranquility and bliss. At no point do high walls close off guests from the gentle ocean breeze, lush greenery, and soft sound of ruffling leaves. The seamless transition between the luxurious comforts inside to the tranquil landscapes outside is the essence of the resort’s ambiance.

The Villas

Jumeirah Bali Resort offers 123 one and two-bedroom villas and a breathtaking four-bedroom Royal Water Palace positioned along the cliffs. Each accommodation option includes a stunning view of the Indian Ocean or vibrant gardens and a private infinity pool. The villas and palace have an elegant Balinese interior design style, creating an intimate and comfortable environment. Their spacious living areas, plush mattresses, and ceiling-to-floor windows make it easy to breathe deep in an oasis of relaxation.

The private patios are thoughtfully designed with decorous lounge furniture, where guests can lay and soak in the serenity of the outdoors. For a truly unforgettable experience, the resort offers a 24/7 butler service upon request. Starting the morning with a sumptuous breakfast or finishing the evening with a cocktail in the open air feels like living in a haven of bliss.

Privacy is an important part of the Jumeirah Bali Resort experience. Whether visitors are unwinding inside or sunbathing on the patio, the landscaping and layouts of each unit ensure there is a shield between them and the outside world. The goal is for each guest to feel recharged and rejuvenated, and the villas and palace of the property do exactly that.

On-Site Cuisine

The cuisine of Bali tells the story of the island and Indonesia’s rich traditions. Bold, unique flavors are the foundation of every dish, and the resort’s dining options are a wonderful introduction to local culinary specialties. On the property, there are multiple dining options, including the Segaran Dining Terrace, Maja Sunset Lounge, and Akasa–a premium wood-fired dining concept.

Both the terrace and lounge are the ideal settings for a casual meal or daytime refreshment while overlooking views of the coast. The Segaran takes a farm-to-table approach, and everything on its menu is made with locally sourced ingredients to ensure quality, support farmers, and reduce the resort’s carbon footprint. Its chefs serve phenomenal meals, including salads, woks, soups, freshly caught fish, and Italian classics. The Maja Sunset Lounge is tailored for a quick snack and cocktails. Its modest menu features tasty bites like the Maja chicken nachos and homemade truffle parmesan french fries.

Jumeirah Bali Resort’s principal dining experience takes place at Akasa. The restaurant opened in 2022 and is under the command of Chef Joan Achour. Akasa provides a traditional Balinese culinary experience with a fusion twist. The menu that Chef Achour curated contains all the classic flavors of the island while bringing in fresh ideas from other culinary-rich countries like Korea, Japan, and Thailand. In addition to the incredible flavors, Akasa’s seating options add another layer of magnificence. Whether guests choose to dine indoors or on the terrace, they’ll have a panoramic view of the Uluwatu coast.


The epitome of rejuvenation and serenity is found in the resort’s wellness center. At the Talise Spa, the on-site wellness specialist Paula Choi uses her twenty-plus years of knowledge to take guests on a journey of healing and relaxation. There are both on-land and in-water experiences to sign up for, including yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, and aquatic sessions. Guests will enjoy the comforts of luxurious facilities and the benefits of long-time healing traditions.

All guests are invited to utilize the resort’s modern fitness center from 7:00am to 9:00pm. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge training equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines. Parents traveling with kids won’t have to worry about missing out on an exercise or yoga class because the resort provides fun and educational kid programs at the magical indoor-outdoor pavilion so that the adults can have a moment of solitude. At the end of a wellness experience or workout, the property’s marvelous infinity pools overlooking the ocean will be waiting for guests to cool off in and enjoy.

For bookings and more info on Jumeirah Bali, visit Jumeirah.com

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