Bibi on her own terms as a multifaceted creative force

It is early morning in Korea, but you wouldn’t know from the exuberant “hi” from Bibi. She radiates energy, and seems enthused about the interview. To call her a K-Pop star is pejorative because she is more than a young woman placed on a pop-culture pedestal, instead she is an artist with a creative focus that is constantly innovating.

Bibi may be best known for her ability to rap in English and Korean, but over the years, she has proven to be a strong vocal artist with the uncanny power to entrance the audience. Her ability to draw a crowd is because of her dedication to visuals and storytelling. She is a huge fan of movies, regardless of language, genre, and era. She is a student of film, and her latest album is a foray into this world. During our discussion, we learned that the album and music videos are intertwined and were the brainchild of Bibi; not some record executive with an agenda to push.

Bibi bet on herself for Lowlife Princess — Noir. In fact, she put up much of her own money for the project because she did not want to compromise her voice and vision. As our conversation got deeper, it was easy to see her passion for her art. She appreciates her fans, and acknowledges that her music is deviating from previous work, but at the same time she feels a sense of growth and development that is more honest and sincere.

Our time with Bibi passed quickly, and although Korean is her primary language, it certainly did not feel that way. She has a great command of the English language and our conversation flowed effortlessly, with her naming off her favorite stand-up comedians, quipping about her ideas of style, and discussing the nuances of performing in the US.

Her single, Animal Farm, is out on her birthday, and promises to be an eye-opening peek into her evolution as an artist. Lowlife Princess — Noir is expected to release on November 18th, and we are eternally grateful to Bibi for edifying us on the creative process of an artist.

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Photographer Ruo Bing Li / Saint Luke Artists
Editor-at-Large Juliet Vo
Interview Ethan Chen
Hair Sienree / Mane Addicts
Makeup Alexandra French / A-Frame
Director Zexi Qi
DOP Anton Melekh
2nd Camera Dmitriy Frentiy
Photo assistant Jennifer Zhao
Fashion assistant Dennis Kim

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