Valentino PINK is the Moment

Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli shook audiences as he concentrated on one bold, powerful color for Valentino’s Fall Winter 2022 collection. Ruffles, bows, sheer flowing fabrics and long lean lines dominated the catwalk. The brand collaborated with the Pantone Color Institute to create this unique hue of such a versatile color.

Pink as a manifestation of the unconscious and a liberation from the need for realism.[…] The same frankness of the single note of color runs through the shapes: large volumes sculpted on the body by geometric tucks that highlight the gesture of tightening, sensual s-shaped lines, very short hemlines, cinched waists.

The house employed models of all shapes and sizes to debut the innovative collection. The shoes, also pink, were chunky platforms that continued the monochromatic theme.

House ambassador and current muse Zendaya absolutely shone in a loose three-piece suit for the occasion. Her star shines bright as she is the face of Valentino in a colorful campaign reflecting the same pink hue from the runway show. Pink is IT, and Valentino capitalizes on the moment in perfect fashion.

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