String Quartets and Punk Themes Showcased in the Valentino ACT Collection

Earlier this month, Valentino debuted its coed Fall/Winter 21 collection in Milan at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano. Founded in 1947, the Piccolo Teatro di Milano remains the first public theater in Italy. Although sidelined by the pandemic, the move to have the show in Milan instead of Paris was seen as a part of how the brand is reimagining executing their presentations.

For the Valentino Act Collection showcase, London-raised songstress Cosima displayed a striking performance from start to finish, evoking vivid emotions in her vocals. The Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verd gave solace to the silence and was represented by the following string quartet: Simone De Pasquale (violin), Diana Muttini (violin), Paola Raffaella Melgari (viola), Mario Shirai Grigolsto (cello) and rounded out by Joachim Massa on double bass. Founded in 1993 by Vladimir Delman, they have been the standard for orchestras around the world. Their home base is in one of the world’s finest auditoriums, the Auditorium of Milano Fondazione Cariplo. The auditorium hosts some of the greatest performances and the Music Director is Maestro Claus Peter Flor.