Experience the luxury of calm at One&Only Desaru Coast

Just an hour’s drive away from Senai International Airport, One&Only Desaru Coast is sheltered from the sounds and frantic vitality of Johor Bahru and Singapore. Desaru, which means “village of soft palms”, has long been a quaint, secluded coastal part of Malaysia where the locals enjoyed their quiet everyday lives by the breathtaking views of the sea. Today, Desaru Coast remains Malaysia’s best-kept secret where the sands are just a little softer and the water a little more azure.

One&Only Desaru Coast is One&Only’s first offering in Southeast Asia. The resort brings forth the complete package of One&Only’s world-class hospitality: exclusive warm service, culinary extravaganza, and exquisite wellness programs—just a few of the perks of staying in this one-of-a-kind beach resort. This easily accessible yet tranquil retreat hidden within nature’s wilderness gives an entirely different experience of Malaysian culture. The resort has also curated an extensive range of experiences for its guests to discover Malaysia in
a new light.

As soon as you enter this massive compound of laid-back exclusivity, you are greeted with the gentle sounds of the jidor, a Malaysian double-headed drum. For One&Only Desaru Coast, every last detail is geared towards tranquility and luxury. The hard-to-miss infinity pool with two soaring pavilions by its side is one of the first visually binding sights of the resort. Designed by the renowned Kerry Hill Architects, One&Only has made sure to offer an authentic palette of crisp, natural richness by keeping the local heritage intact. Despite the contemporary look at the resort, the architects have been able to capture the essence of a Malaysian kampung or village. This style translates across each suite as well as the common spaces by weaving Malaysian traditions, further enhanced by modern, urban designs.

Secluded and perched in the lap of nature, the resort offers standalone suites that suit the privacy you would expect. For an opulent stay surrounded by lush green forests, the Rainforest Suites are one with nature. Be it with a private pool located right next to the wild flora of Desaru or a private dining space with a view of the tropical forest, these beautifully designed suites blur the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors. On the other hand, the Ocean Suites are for those who think a beach vacation should be on the beach, 24/7. With the ocean just steps away from your front door, the excellent shorelines makes it one of the most astonishing sunrise spots you have to see to believe. Whether you prefer swimming in the ocean or your private plunge pool, the Ocean Suites would be your best bet. 

Partnering with one of the most famous health and beauty experts around the world, Chenot, One&Only Desaru Coast houses the first Chenot Spa in Asia. Chenot goes beyond the boundaries of standard spa treatments as they combine the latest advances in Western research and scientific diagnostics to offer therapeutic solutions to their clients. They also provide treatments in Chinese and alternative medicines. Their treatments are designed to meet the needs of individual guests and offer holistic wellbeing programs.

The Chenot Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast focuses on four key aspects—Sport & Physical Activities, Emotional Wellbeing, Nutrition, and Aesthetics. Together, these four pillars help strengthen and rejuvenate one’s body and mind. At Chenot Spa, you can go for a Bio-energetic Check-up which is a preliminary set of diagnostics that help the professionals decide on bespoke treatments for your needs. Apart from the customized well-being programs, luxurious hand and foot treatments are also offered at the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by the award-winning Bastien Gonzalez.

Beyond the suites and #vibes, One&Only Desaru Coast has curated some very diverse and exciting activities to cater to everyone’s interests. During the evening Bonfire Legends, you can explore the wonders of Malaysia and get to know about the country in conversation with a thought leader. The resort also arranges nature walks, and a trip through the tropical jungles to give you a sense of the local flora and fauna. A special experience designed by an expert tree arborist, The View From The Top is one of the resort’s most loved activities. It offers guests the opportunity to climb the most majestic trees within the resort’s compound and enjoy the view from this unusual vantage point.

The world-class Els Club offers the best golfing experience on two championship golf courses. You can polish your skills with lessons from an international PGA golf coach. If golf is not your sport, there is Club One where you can indulge in other competitive sports like tennis or spend your leisure time cycling. There is a KidsOnly Club too, where the little ones can have the time of their lives.

Dining is by far one of the most essential aspects of any resort experience, and One&Only Desaru Coast definitely doesn’t disappoint here. With various culinary delights and exotic delicacies, the resort offers one of the most distinct food experiences.

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, let Hoshi transport you to an evening in Tokyo. Hoshi is One&Only Desaru Coast’s signature restaurant that blends authentic Japanese ways with modern culinary techniques. The ‘by appointment’ restaurant serves seasonal omakase menus and some of the most excellent tempura and sushi you would have ever tasted. The interiors of the restaurant are brought to life with Japanese art-inspired murals of the rainforest, painted by artist Abdul Rashade. Guests can also admire Chef Aziz Abduraimov’s sushi and sashimi-making skills from the restaurant’s bar while enjoying exquisite Japanese sake and exclusive whiskies.

There is no need to emphasize how fulfilling the culinary experience at the Ember Beach Club is going to be when Chef Andrew Walsh is behind the taste and textures. From barbecues to fresh seafood and the finest wines, this suave beach club is the best place to devour it all. And just on the off-chance that you haven’t figured out how to fulfill your daily appetite, at Ambara, you can enjoy a fusion of tastes from Malaysia and the Mediterranean Coast. Freshly sourced, organic ingredients from local producers is the USP here. 

For the perfect place to relax with a drink in your hand, Dusky Monkey has you sorted. It is a beautiful, open-air bar set amid the green forests where guests can enjoy some beautifully presented cocktails, a sip of a regional rum, or just unwind with their signature afternoon tea.

One&Only Desaru Coast is a genuine, all-encompassing haven in the most socially rich piece of Desaru Coast. The resort has done its best to coexist with nature by designing a sustainable model to keep all surrounding natural elements intact. Additionally, you will find that One&Only Desaru Coast isn’t attempting to be trendy with their approach to sustainability. It is dignified and refined, and the service goes far with arms wide open, or in this case, hand on the heart.

For more on One&Only Desaru Coast, visit their website here.

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