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“Today I am a model, because I honestly don’t know if I will still be needed in the industry tomorrow.” For the past 10 years, that has been the bittersweet meaning behind Sui He’s Instagram bio. Behind all the fancy clothes, celebrity parties and traveling around the world, comes the not-so-glamorous fear a model faces daily: being replaced. But where most people shy away, Sui He charges forward.

Joining a modeling competition at 17 just to earn extra credit for college, Sui He thought nothing of it. In fact, she even told her father that she would only sign with a modeling agency if she won the entire competition. Two months later, she came out on top and her career took flight. Or so we thought. In reality, Sui He was barely making enough income for necessities during her first three years as a model. Winning the competition became “nothing more than a title.” Yet, Sui He persevered. Audition after audition, rejection after rejection, her efforts were recognized as she went on to be the first Asian model in several of the most well — known runway shows of the decade. Now, Sui He has become a global icon, paving the way for aspiring models.

While the fear of being replaced is inevitable, it has never stopped Sui He from doing what she loves. There will always be someone better, but in her words, “I have been very lucky.” Though luck doesn’t begin to describe the impact Sui He has in the modeling world. “No matter if you win or lose, it is just the way of life.” Now at the age where most would consider a model’s career to be over, Sui He proves them wrong, staying active on social media in what she calls a new era of modeling. So don’t fret, Sui He is here to stay.

Thus, we should think of her bio from a different perspective. It is no longer because of the impending doom that a model’s career can be over at any time. Instead, we can say: today I am a model, because tomorrow is infinite.

Sui He wears all by CHANEL 2022/23 Métiers d’art

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Photographer and Creative Direction Jumbo Tsui
Styling Evan Feng
Producer Mac Zhou / Shelter Production Executive

Producer Mo / Shelter Production
Photo assistant Zhang Zheng, Mu sheng
Fashion assistant Kicoic

Hair Zhao Wenzhi
Makeup Lu
Hair assistant Cui Jianan
Makeup assistant Liu Xiaolin, Wang Chenxin

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