The Beauty Unearthed by Nobu x Inch Lim

The month of April is a springtime symphony of blossoms, specifically in Japan, and the kitchen at Nobu Kuala Lumpur is blooming with a synergistic offering unlike anything one has experienced before. Known for its Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, this seasonal menu offering is the brainchild of Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s Executive Chef, Philip Leong, and Malaysia’s homegrown and legendary landscape architect, Inch Lim.

The collaboration between the two creative geniuses from different backgrounds was truly a work of art. By putting their respective passions and beautiful minds together, Chef Philip and Inch have managed to unearth all the beautiful delights of spring on the palate, hanami style, alluding to the Japanese custom of viewing the transient beauty of the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Philip Leong, Executive Chef of Nobu KL and Inch Lim, Landscape Architect

Served as an osusume, meaning “recommendation” or “invitation”, the à la carte basis menu offering promises an experience that would delight not only the sights but all the other senses as well. Chef Philip revealed that when they were discussing the idea of coming up with a special menu to celebrate one of the biggest floral occurrences in the world, he was just mesmerised by Inch’s immense floral knowledge and simplicity in style, which is very similar to the minimalist approach taken here at Nobu with the preparation of its menu items. He goes on to elaborate that the development of this menu was a very seamless yet thrilling process, with truly astounding results, which they are confident guests will love. Inch, who pridefully referred to himself as a gardener, added that he hoped guests at Nobu would enjoy these dishes as much as they had enjoyed the process of conceptualizing and creating them, while contributing to Nobu’s global hallmark.

Among the dishes on the menu are Sakura-infused sushi curated by Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s Head Sushi Chef, Masami Ouchi. These include Madai Sakura Sushi and Foie Gras on Sakura Monaka—where Foie Gras is marinated with Umezu (plum vinegar) and served on a Sakura-inspired Monaka. The dish showed off the great creativity that went into curating this menu, which is why it has that name.

Meanwhile, the Pen Shell Clam Sakura Ebi Oil and Mash Potato features a Sakura and shrimp-infused oil, a perfect blend to whet just about any appetite. Simple and direct, the dish demands attention when savouring. The shrimp-infused oil was not overpowering and was able to let the natural sweetness of the pen shell clam to coexist equally – a balance that is hard to come by.

Other dishes include the Heart of Palm with Dry Miso, a combination of flavours that accentuates the earthy and natural sweetness from the ever-so-rare, heart of palm. What is interesting about this dish is its unique texture; its creamy, tender flesh lies somewhere in between artichoke heart and water chestnut. More importantly, how the chef managed to balance out the taste profile to honor the ingredient, especially since the entire tree must be sacrificed in order to harvest the heart.

Next up was the Ceviche with Coconut Pearl, which delivers a spongey and chewy texture with natural sweetness. Visually, the plating was innocent, served on a halved coconut with dainty edible flowers gently perched on the edge. The sweetness from the coconut paired with the freshness of the ceviche were true to its appearance. Each bite was a reminiscence of a simpler time, where children were able to run carefreely, soaking in all that nature had to offer.

Following was the Chilean Seabass with Sakura Sauce, slow-cooked and marinated with Sakura salt. The chef’s skill is displayed proudly, in the form of a sushi-like rolled seabass with a shy tint from the butterfly pea flower. The freshness from the sea, accompanied by the richness of the land, elevates one’s sensitivity to the world, akin to the sight of cherry blossom petals falling in the springtime.

Last but not least, the star of the whole menu, the Wagyu Sirloin with Butterfly Pea Goma Sauce. The butterfly pea infused sesame sauce was a beautiful twist to the dish, aesthetically and flavour wise. The fruit-like profile in the flower brought hints of woody and earthy flavour to enhance the rich, nutty sesame—all working in harmony to bring out the buttery goodness of the perfectly seasoned and charred meat.

While no menu is complete without dessert, the Beauty Unearthed by Nobu x Inch Lim menu offers two, presenting the perfect finale to guests’ experience and a truly edible work-of-art on a plate. They include the Strawberry Chocolate Bar with Sakura Tea Ice Cream and the Purple Potato Cheesecake with Yuzu Apple and Aloe Vera Compote.


The Beauty Unearthed by Nobu x Inch Lim is available from 4th to 30th April 2022.

*Guests will not be allowed to walk-in or make reservations past 10.30pm in order to keep to the 12.00am closing time as mandated by the government.

Per the current SOPs, only fully vaccinated guests that have the COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate on their MySejahtera app will be allowed to dine in.

For enquiries and reservations, please call 032380 0028, Whatsapp 019 289 5085 or email

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