Swiss watchmaker Breitling joins forces with British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph in a new collaboration

A very exciting partnership is on the books—boosting innovation and playing with creativity. The infamous British Motorcycle Manufacturer, Triumph has joined hands with the luxurious Swiss watchmaker, Breitling. Both the manufacturers are quite successful and famous but come from different industries. From a glance, this relationship might seem overwhelming. But, this is not the case.

“Like Breitling, we’re committed to providing the flawless handling and incredible finishes that give our community an incomparable experience.”—Nick Bloor, Triumph Motorcycles CEO

Both the companies are bringing their best craftsmanship, design, and philosophy to the table. They have mutually decided to present the Triumph Thruxton RS motorcycle and a classic watch to be revealed in 2022. People are anticipating top-notch engineering and flawless design for both products. The two companies have been around the corner for quite some time, ranging back to the 1880-1900s. Their products will reflect their experience and learnings in the most beautiful way.

“This is where substance meets original styling. You can expect purposeful engineering paired with modern retro designs, […] But, however you want to describe it, there’ll be a huge sense of adventure and discovery.”—Georges Kern, Breitling CEO

Overall, this partnership is synonymous with discovery, exploration, and a challenging creative process. Everyone is eager to know the fruit of this unexpected yet powerful relationship.

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