Cartier Debuts Sixième Sens par Cartier High Jewelry Collection

SIXIÈME SENS PAR CARTIER debuted with seven impressive pieces. The pieces features stylised feline interpretation, organic textures and shards of coloured light, shimmering gems electrify while stones in flavoursome hues of ripe fruits summon up scents of distant paradises. Accomplished actress, singer and musician Golshifteh Farahani fronts the campaign.


The phann is a tour de force of a ring boasting 8.20 carats. The rich ruby hue is a decadent conversation starter.


An absolutely unique checkerboard motif composed of diamonds, onyx and rock crystals. This piece packs quiet the punch and is definitely for the more fashion-forward consumer.


Resembling the lush coat of a panther, the staggering 27.34 carat necklace is compiled of polished onyx and white, yellow and orange diamonds.


The Art Deco ring is a standout piece in the collection with 21.51 carats of sapphire, cabochon, diamonds and emeralds.


Radiant emeralds and diamonds are contorted into a dramatic v-shape necklace, perfect for a dramatic addition to any ensemble.


Mimicking succulent berries, this bulbous necklace radiates color with a mixture of coloured sapphires, garnets, and diamonds.


Reminiscent of luxurious chandeliers, the necklace is a stunning feat of six different cuts—kite, octagonal, emerald, triangle, baguette and certified D IF and E IF.

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