Breitling pays tribute to a trio of classic 1960s sports cars with three remarkable racing chronographs

Breitling brings to you a classic case of borrowed innovation that is more inventive than any object of ingenuity. It’s three horological marvels take after the cars that occupied the Racing Car Sports Arena in the sixties.

The first chronograph draws inspiration from the iconic Chevrolet Corvette of the Nineteen sixties. The colour play of this device has been customized to look like the hue combos of the Corvette motor beast. Regal and hot, this 42mm case houses the COSC-certified Breitling Caliber 25, a self-winding 1/8th of a second chronograph movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

Next in line is a creation that borrows it’s roots from the gorgeous Ford Mustang. The car was a duo chrome combination of green and brown that had carved a place for itself among the hearts of every superstar and sports icon of the sixties. The watch apes it’s concept and vibe – you can feel it in it’s built and visual appeal. Similar to the red Chevrolet Corvette version, the Ford Mustang comes in a 42mm green case, housing the Breitling Caliber 25.

Last in this collection is a blue beacon retro chronograph. The white micro dial slots contrast against a blue background. This whole scheme draws influence from the Navy blue body of the sleek Shelby cobra imprinted with white vertical stripes on its hood. The Shelby Cobra comes slightly smaller than the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang versions at 40mm but boasts the Breitling Caliber 41, a self-winding 1/4th of a second chronograph movement with an approximate 42-hour power reserve.

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