Introducing Bottega Radio

Launched on April 7th, Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta collaborated with NTS for a new radio series, Bottega Radio, that will run throughout 2022, highlighting both emerging and established artists and their behind-the-scenes process.

NTS is a global music platform and radio station, broadcasting from over sixty cities every month. It started as a DIY passion project in Hackney in 2011, with the aim of creating an alternative to stagnant mainstream radio. Since then, NTS has expanded with permanent studios in Los Angeles, Manchester, and Shanghai. The platform has over 600 resident hosts, composed of a mix of musicians, DJs, artists, and everything in between.

The first episode boasts Tim Zha a.k.a Organ Tapes, who works alongside L.A’s Jazmin, a Latin music expert and resident host for the NTS show, Como La Flor

More than half the music played on NTS is not featured on Spotify or Apple Music. The underground musical gem is quickly growing and averages 2.5 million monthly listeners.

The debut episode of Bottega Radio aired on NTS on April 8th, featuring both Organ Tapes and Como La Flor. Listen now on NTS.

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