Gucci Exquisite ReEnchants Audiences

Gucci reimagines optics with their regal-like approach to the Fall/Winter 2022 season. Imagine unexpected slits and silhouettes for a traditional blazer, luxurious robe-like coats, infectious bursts of color, and an assortment of dazzling pattern mixes and fabrications.

I’ve always been averse to the myth of the exact vision that inevitably ends up in freezing the immaginific power of the world. For this reason, I wanted to restore another feature of the mirror. That is, building aberrations, enchantments, ghosts. I’m thinking about the magical mirrors described in the catoptrics treatises of the 1600s: mirrors set into precious wunderkammer, that behave like machines of expansion and transfiguration of reality.—Alessandro Michele

A special collaboration with Adidas Originals was also premiered during the show to much fanfare. Footwear offering a blend of the classic Gucci house logo and Adidas originals peeked through long sweeping trousers flanked by the Adidas iconic stripes.

The collection is sure to keep longtime fans and friends of the brand always guessing what’s next. As Michele states in the press release, he sets out to Juxtaposing worlds and meanings. Altering the stability of perception. Manipulating and magnifying the existing

Front row attendees included the likes of Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, Jared Leto, June Ambrose, Wisdom Kaye, and many more. 

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