CHANEL’s 2021/22 Metiers d’art Show Highlights Talented Ateliers and le19M

CHANEL held their 2021/22 Metiers d’art show at the le19M, honoring the craftsmanship of CHANEL’s own eight artisan houses for their accomplishments and acclaim in the fashion industry. From the goldwork of Goossens, the embroidery of Lesage and Atelier Montex to the shoemaker Massaro, who handcrafted Gabrielle Chanel’s two-tone shoe in 1957. The accessories included huge pearls and long leather gloves studded by gems.

Today, the Métiers d’art bring together some forty Maisons d’art and factories, representing more than six thousand, six hundred employees of all generations and backgrounds who work with CHANEL and other great names in fashion in France and around the world. 

French studio REMEMBERS delivered an animation that depict models near the house in fictional universes enlivened by eight specific studios.

The Métiers d’Art featured include;

DESRUES—Contributes the buttons to the house and was the first to join the Métiers d’art.

LEMARIÉ—Feather and floral maker who joined the Métiers d’art in 1996.

MAISON MICHEL—Hat maker that joined the Métiers d’art in 1997.

LESAGE—Embroider to the house, having partnered with CHANEL since 1983.

MASSARO—Handmade shoe maker who has collabed with CHANEL size 1957.

GOOSSENS—Goldsmith who worked alongside Gabrielle Chanel.

ATELIER MONTEX—An embroider that mixes modern and ancestral traditions. 

LES ATELIERS LOGNON—Pleater specializing in fabrications that joined the Métiers d’art in 2013.

Le19M—a new structure at the 19th arrondissement of Paris serves as the backdrop of the show.

Designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti, le19M is a highly innovative, triangular-shaped 25,500 m2 building that meets the most exacting environmental standards. Six hundred people work there in the calm of the light-filled ateliers, crossing paths on the concrete-wire-clad walkways, which echo the urban forest they overlook.

The collection itself was heavy-handed in house classics such as their bouclé and tweed fabrics. Ultra layering further showcased the dual ability of the pieces. One can feel that CHANEL is reimagining streetwear but adding luxe accessories and fabrics to every-day items of clothing. Contributions from the eight Métiers d’art are highlighted in the hems of gowns, buttons, oversize Chanel monogram and more.

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