All Roads Lead to perfection with Zegna’s Winter 2022 Show

Known at the 232, the Oasi Zegna, which is a winding road in the Italian woods, brought inspiration to the brand in that nature is ever-evolving and changing to its outside environments. Just as nature naturally adapts, so do humans and Zegna elevates their trust-worthy brand with a strong Winter 2022 showing. Boasting impressive sturdy fabrics, the collection celebrates unity and non-conforming gender blending. Having dropped the Ermenegildo from their name, the house is shifting toward the main menswear line.

Translating this idea into clothing means building a language of shapes and textures that grows and consolidates over time, matching the needs of the moment. The notion of the hybrid is one I keep exploring, because there’s progress in erasing staid categories” – Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori 

The color palette is most pleasing with neutrals taking center stage surrounded by warm hints of chocolatey browns, deep purples and brick orange.

Deconstructed classics riddle the line, with interesting lapel and blazer details including experimentation with length, exaggerated pockets and plenty of size accessibility with the various ties and constructs to adjust the fit of the item.

Fans of the brand won’t be disappointed. This showcase is an outstanding example of what Zegna is known for and cements their place as a leading force in menswear.

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