Aēsop announces Eidesis Eau de Parfum

Aēsop’s Eidesis Eau de Parfum is the result of a long-standing collaboration with renowned perfumer Barnabé Fillion. The fragrance is part of the collection Othertopias, which was inspired by liminal spaces.

“A smell, whether in the air, on our skin, or on our clothes, creates a world within our world that is both physical and imagined—a phenomenon that blurs the boundaries of past and present, real and unreal, here and there. A window into nature, so to speak, one that invites a dialogue with surroundings that we inhabit but often overlook.” —Barnabé Fillion

The Legend

In Greek mythology, the handsome Narcissus rejects Echo and is cursed by the Gods. The cursed Narcissus pines away after falling in love with his own reflection that he sees in the water.

The Narcissus myth highlights our struggles between our outer and inner selves. Eidesis Eau de Parfum draws on this legend with a perfume that transports you to a landscape of woody depths.

The Notes

With notes of black pepper, frankincense, petitgrain, cumin and sandalwood, the scent delves into the amber and woody depths of Aēsop’s Eidesis. The subtle floral notes combines with the earthy base to create a fragrance that is both sensual and complex.

Eidesis Eau de Parfum retails for RM715 and comes in a 50mL amber glass bottle housed in a carton with artwork by Belfast-based painter Jack Coulter. For more info, visit Aesop.com.

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