Explore the Scents and Sensibility of the Aesop Aromatique Incense and Bronze Incense Holder

Aesop’s long-term fragrance partner Barnabé Fillion returns to add weight to the brand’s Aromatique Home collection, with the Aesop Aromatique Incense — a trio of incense fragrances that provide an alternative format to imbue treasured interiors with complex, unconventional Aesop aromas.

Inspired by both Aesop’s long-standing reverence for literature, and the use of incense in ancient spiritual, religious and cleansing ceremonies, instilling an air of studious serenity; the Aromatique Incense fragrances are catalysts for quietude, contemplation and creativity, named after the well-known diaries written by female Japanese authors from the Heian period.

Developed in collaboration with a revered Kyoto-based incense atelier, the three Aromatique Incense is composed of 100% incense, and linear in form with a unique square silhouette, visually setting them apart from incense of the old. Yet, it is divergent in nature, made with no bamboo core, that once lit, they release delicate ribbons of aroma that linger after the embers’ final glow.

The Murasaki Aromatique Incense (RM160), whose moniker derives from the works of Japanese novelist, poet and lady-in-waiting at the Imperial court ​​Murasaki Shikibu, strikes a medley of sweetness and warmth in the initial release from the fresh and woody resins of Hinoki. Smoky woods of clove and cinnamon are then left to linger, likely to appeal to those who favor rich and warm fragrances, such as the Aesop Hwyl Eau de Parfum.

The Kagerou Aromatique Incense (RM160), on the other hand, repletes early intimations of wood and smoke of the dry sandalwood once lit. Named after the nikki bungaku poetry literature ​​Kagerō Nikki (The Mayfly Diary) by the “Mother of Michitsuna”, the incense then gives way to more sustained herbaceous and nuanced accords of the earthy vetiver and the green notes of Igusa. It should appeal to those who enjoy Aesop products with vetiver prominent in the formulations, such as the Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash and Balm, Déodorant, and several Eaux de Parfum.

Lastly, the Sarashina Aromatique Incense (RM160) exudes a dry, woody aroma of sandalwood, which leads to the comforting warmth of clove, and gentle sweetness of cinnamon as the stick burns out. Those who gravitate towards Aesop formulations suffused in sumptuous sandalwood, such as the Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum and Post-Shave Lotion, or the Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream, would find the Sarashina Aromatique Incense as appealing as The Sarashina Diary, one of the first in the genre of travel writing, a memoir consisting of “Lady Sarashina”s travels and pilgrimages.

Each Aromatique Incense box contains 33 incense sticks with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes. Also enclosed is a Kanuma pumice holder, which serves as a simple mount for a single incense stick, and which users may choose to upgrade to the Aesop Bronze Incense Holder (RM625) that is sold separately, providing the aromas with a more enduring stage, and for the eyes, an intriguing object of poise and purpose.

The second design object cast from solid bronze in Aesop’s Home range, the Bronze Incense Holder complements the Brass Oil Burner in both shape and shimmer: burnishing naturally over time, and oxidizing with age, giving each individual piece its own singular appearance.

The substantial, palpable weight of its base contrasts with the delicate skyward stance of its burden: a single Aromatique Incense stick over a concave dish that catches the fluttering, falling ash as the aroma unfurls.

Crafted in Germany, the Aesop Bronze Incense Holder with its asymmetrical composition brings subtle, understated gravitas to any place setting, hearth or bookshelf, as designer Fabio Vogel of Vogel Studio intended: “I wanted to give the ashes a stage, slightly raised from the table. In an abstract way, the shape resembles a giving or supporting hand.”

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