The Modern Bulgari Serpenti—A Metamorphosis Over Time


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Since 1940 Bulgari has pride itself on their voluptuous and iconic Serpenti with various reimagining over the years as countless visions have been brought to the forefront. The brand is now unveiling new collections including jewelry, watch and leather goods.

The Serpenti legend is where it all started. The first version of this infamous style debuted in the 1950’s. Since then the snake motif has been featured on rings, belts and necklaces. Recently, the shape has taken on a hexagonal pattern and is featured in High Jewelry. In the 2000’s the Serpenti went even further and began to be showcased on bags. 

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Serpenti Viper

Stackable bracelets, rings and pendants wrapped in luxurious armor coil round the body in a seductive embrace.


Serpenti Spiga

Assembled by hand, these characteristics include 70 different elements, 40 link casts and 40 different moulds. This bracelet style watch is offered in rose and white gold.

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Serpenti Forever

These classic handbags are created using the highest quality leather and utilize the familiar serpent as accent pieces.