The Art of BVLGARI High Jewelry

The Mediterranean Queen Necklace

Like stars in the night sky, emeralds and rubies are nestled among diamonds. Bulgari has a reputation for lifting rare gemstones to a level equal to or higher than that of the most precious diamonds for over a century. Today, we can’t stop thinking about the Paraiba Tourmalines in the Mediterranean Queen necklace from the Magnifica High Jewelry Collection, and how they shone with an electric blue and ocean tones.

Experts remember the Sugarloaf Cabochon Sapphire of the famous Trombino ring. Since the 1950s, Bulgari has always made a point of emphasizing the presence of Cabochon gemstones in their High Jewelry. While the calibre-cut is faceted, Bulgari’s signature technique for curvaceous, polished stones is the Cabochon. The most renowned were the Giardinetto brooches.

Bulgari High Jewelry designs are impossible to imitate. It is because the designs are created with many intricate elements that enhance the jewelry in subtle but impactful ways. It is the culmination of many factors. For example, the choice of geometry, placement, and reflective nature on the Serpenti High Jewelry is taken into account. From scales made of diamonds to enamel-coated grooves, Bulgari High Jewelry are metaphorical representations of Roman architecture that needs tremendous patience and time.

Handcrafted Bulgari High Jewelry pieces need absolute precision for each element. The dimensions, spacing, and density of the metals determine the placement and beauty of the gems. The finishing is such that gems blend into the frame seamlessly. The designs are complex and require specific tempering conditions. Every inch of the design is handcrafted and moulded to perfection.

A design isn’t merely about beauty; it should also be indestructible. In the sense that the balance between gems and metal should be such that they add strength to the jewelry. Would you ever buy a ring that loses its bague cut diamonds with every handshake? Would you wear a necklace that gets deformed in tropical weather or loses its sheen in the winters? Exquisite high jewelry must stand the test of time.

For decades, many prominent leaders and celebrities have worn Bulgari High Jewelry at major moments in their lives. It has come to represent a new height of distinctiveness and elegance, and this makes Bulgari High Jewelry a narrative that can be passed down through generations. Simply said, each Bulgari design is imbued with meaning, and pays homage to an era of significance. This is also evident in the Sapphire Lake Necklace below.

The Sapphire Lace Necklace

Bulgari unveiled the Barocko Sapphire Lace Necklace in a virtual launch of July 2020. It carried a 28.11 carat Sapphire in a White Gold Necklace, surrounded by almost 400 diamonds.

This necklace carries over-the-top & dense ornamentation, a ode to the Baroque era. A time when people valued the passionate pursuit of life’s pleasures.

The necklace also gives an appearance of a feather light lace collar woven from threads of white metal even though the main Sapphire gemstone has enough weight. The fine work makes it look grand in daylight and the night.

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