Kate Spade on their mission to empower women

Kate Spade New York paired with actress Taraji P. Henson, Cynthia Germanotta (President and Co-founder of Born This Way Foundation), Jazz Thornton (co-founder of Voices of Hope), Latham Thomas (Founder of Mama Glow and Co-founder of Mama Glow Foundation) and more to help empower women and girls through mental health incentives that impact social work.

“Women’s empowerment has been at the heart of our social impact efforts for over a decade, and has become a core pillar of the Kate Spade New York brand,” shared Liz Fraser, Kate Spade New York Chief Executive Officer and Brand President. “The foundational role that mental health plays in a woman’s life and in women’s empowerment has only become more clear through our social impact work. Mental health has long been undervalued, under-acknowledged and underfunded. And yet it is of more concern today than ever.”

The panel of impressive women will feature both in-person and digital interactive panels and seminars, all geared toward empowerment of women and girls. Each woman is being challenged to help identify critical use and aide for women and girls that will help elevate their lifelong commitments and goals.

Kate Spade New York and its Foundation will donate more than $2M annually to provide access to care and community resources to improve the mental health and empowerment of women in its communities around the world. These partnerships will include organizations such as: Black Girls Smile, Seleni, National Council for Mental Wellbeing, the Trevor Project and more.

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