A Simplistic Debut at the Bottega Veneta Winter 2022 Show

Along with a series of teasers, Bottega Veneta launched a downloadable app that serves as a “platform for creative encounters.” Users may use the app to see the forthcoming Bottega Veneta Winter 2022 show and experiment with augmented reality, which converts the fashion house’s signature parakeet green into a “green screen.”

The Bottega Veneta Winter 2022 show marks Creative Director Matthieu Blazy’s debut collection following Daniel Lee’s departure.

A studded pillow bag here, a leather starburst accents there and other small pops of flare creep up on an otherwise straightforward approach to modern fashion. The collection is low-fuss and simplistic in its delivery.

Rigorous fabrications, all freshly and exclusively formulated for ultra-lightness, fullness, movement and texture, are found throughout for both men and women; from new wool flannels, and colour flecked herringbones, through to thrice printed textural pieces built around the body, to new interpretations of Leavers lace, still accomplished on eighteenth century looms, layered with twenty first century synthetic jersey. 

Wearability and longevity are exuded in the elevated basics presented on the catwalk. Each hand-crafted piece should be viewed as an investment to one’s wardrobe. Between everyday denim to formal trench coats, there are enough stepping stones to incorporate the pieces into a multitude of closets.

An individual’s gestures matter; it’s ultimately the wearer’s decision how to move and live in this clothing, of how they will tell their own tales through these pieces, that is ultimately respected and encouraged by the maker.

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