In a Dreamlike State with ‘The Sandman’ lead Tom Sturridge

One could argue that Tom Sturridge is very much like Morpheus, his most recent leading role in The Sandman series on Netflix, adapted from Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed 1989 graphic novels series. While he pretty much stays away from the virtual world, a world many of us would consider a living one, synonymous to the real life we are in, peppering about traces of our existence with the likes and follows we leave behind… the Old Harrodian is out there — somewhere; but where exactly, doing what exactly, no one can be absolutely certain, at least not on social media anyway.

Much like how one could find Tom in the acclaimed Sandman series, you could perhaps find more of him within the folds of other great literature, or at least the recreation of them and the affiliate people of the works, in films and series and theater plays.

He was the Sergeant Frank Troy to Carey Mulligan’s Bathsheba Everdene in the 2015 adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s first literary success, Far from the Madding Crowd; and he was Henry VI in BBC’s second cycle of The Hollow Crown in 2016, adapted from the Henriad works of the Bard, someone who needs no further introduction, even if you haven’t read his sonnets and plays in passing.

Tom was also Carlo Marx, a character based on the Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg in the 2012 film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road; and Lord Byron himself, who was close to one Mary Shelley, in which the 2017 film shed light on their friendship, at a time when the young female author was on the verge of success with her debut gothic horror novel, Frankenstein.

Yet, even then, each onscreen presence he’s made is not that of his own, (as is always the case with thespians, of course), but versions he has conjured up while portraying the various characters and personalities in the world of literature; a yesteryear medium of entertainment that is very much still, in essence, independent of the digital world we live in today. That is akin to how Tom chooses to carry out his existence in the modern world, perhaps only coming in contact with the Internet for press interviews like the one we had with him, during the tail end of his press junkets for The Sandman.

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