HA HA HA by Gucci and Harry Styles

Global pop sensation Harry Styles makes his fondness for Gucci known in spades for an exciting first-time collaboration with Creative Director Alessandro Michele. After years of being the face and ambassador of the brand, Styles takes his anticipated place behind-the-scenes in the designer’s room.

The tongue-in-cheek acronym (‘HA’ being both the first initials of Harry and Alessandro, but also the emoji/playful laughing faces), gives an intimate peek into a part of their friendship, as the two use the phrase hahaha in the closing of messages to one another over the years. This partnership comes in a rather hush-hush fashion, as no inkling was given as a heads up to expect this type of mash-up (although it makes a world of sense).

Already a self-declared friend and fan of the beloved British entertainer, Alessandro had this to say about his business partner and steadfast pal; “Harry has an incredible sense of fashion. Observing his ability to combine items of clothing in a way that is out of the ordinary compared to the required standards of taste and common sense and the homogenization of appearance.” 

Harry’s collab comes at an exciting time for the brand, as Gucci regularly drops frequently sold-out collabs and capsules throughout the year. Gucci’s successes, combined with Styles’s powerful sound and hold on today’s youth, will undoubtedly go down in the annals of highly sought-after designer collaborations.

The collection boasts quintessential pieces known to be worn and favorited by the popular star. Gingham in a gingerbread-reminiscent offering, a chirpy yellow blazer littered with fantastical bluebirds, graphic tees boasting “I Want More Berries” (lyrics from Styles’s Grammy-award winning song Watermelon Sugar) and punchy separates including a standout magenta long coat and an enviable collection of mismatched bold print sweaters. Even simple layering pieces, such as a white tank embellished with a decorative red heart, exude playfulness. Rounding out the collection are accessories such as necklaces with bear pendants, leather handbags and luggage, and an array of silk neckties.

The full array of anticipated selects will hit stores in October of 2022. Styles, always the jet-setting entertainer, is currently embarking on a sold-out world tour, Love On Tourwith stops hitting both Europe and the USA.

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