Discover Yourself with Bell & Ross BR 05 Chronograph

After embarking on the most epochal collections, Bell & Ross BR 05 emerged as a natural extension of the brand instrumental watches DNA. The BR 05 has emanated from cockpit counter inspired BR 03 but it is considered as more refined in terms of ergonomic architecture. To rejoice in the exultation of the new edition of the BR 05 collection, the BR 05 Chronograph, Bell & Ross has launched a new brand film. It depicts the new urban vibes while amplifying the rich aviation origins.

The film starts off with the man of high ideals, and the vision ready to conquer the world. Riding his eco-conscious bicycle on the modernist Parisian background. He resonates with a professional photographer who is ready to delve into the deepest realms to capture the best angle to landscape the tranquil beauty of Paris. His watch adds beauty to his charms and efficacy to his modern style. His eye to capture perfection signifies the Bell & Ross philosophy of a sharp eye for design and aesthetics.




On such a premise, this short film illustrates the minimalist and authentic approach to simplicity and coherence without losing its simplicity and brand timelessness. The scene also portrays the hush in the atmosphere before a storm that can be metaphorically viewed as the way Bell & Ross faces the current worldwide situation. Stowing spotlight on the present, but fearlessly turned towards what’s to come with fortitude and advancement.


The last sequence defines the skills of our photograph chevalier—high spirited enthusiasm, unflustered exterior, and keen observer. In a nutshell, Bell & Ross BR05 Chronograph manifests the part of the loyal legacy for those who wear it. With every new collection, Bell & Ross explore new possibilities and widening the horizon of voguish fashion. Indeed, it is the ultimate jewel of masculinity with the tinge of urban life.

The Bell & Ross e-boutique at remains in operation throughout the Movement Control Order. For more on the BR 05 Chronograph, visit their website.

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