Introducing our latest eyewear collaboration

True Vintage Revival® x The Laterals™

The story of TVR® OPT begins in a small city in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

TVR® x The Laterals™

TVR® is collaborating with The Laterals™ for the first time to release a limited edition TVR® Collection. This limited edition piece is a traditional archival based on the iconic JD shape frame from 1950. It comes in sizes 45mm, 48mm and 50mm in exclusive Black Marble color.


About True Vintage Revival®

Known to every true connoisseur of luxury eyewear, Sabae, Japan has maintained its reputation for the world’s highest quality craftsmanship for over 100 years, and this is largely due to the superior quality that comes from traditional techniques, tools and methods that are passed across generations of true artists with a passion for excellence and the best materials. Eyewear artists in Sabae start apprenticing at a very young age using hand tools that are passed down from master to apprentice. With years of practice and learning, these artisans have developed an eye for precision that is said to be better than the machines used today to make lesser quality eyewear. One of the hallmarks of Japanese craftsmanship is a passion for detail, no matter how small or insignificant.

TVR® sources all of our Zylonite acetate, metals and SPM (Sun Platinum Metal) from local Japanese producers. TVR® uses only the original templates and blueprints in the creation process of our frames, along with original molds where available. Having spent over 60 years producing high quality handmade acetate frames, our family-owned old factory is one of the very few factories remaining in Sabae today.

TVR® will continue to produce authentic vintage styles with traditional skills, iconic designs and high-quality materials, and will never adopt machined or injection molded processes. Quality handcrafted eyewear is our DNA and we are proud to re-introduce these iconic vintage styles to a new generation of eyewear customers.

(Additional) Clip-ons

Stylize the TVR® x The Laterals™ Opticals with a lightweight clip-on polarized lens that comes in a vintage filigree design.


(45mm & 48mm)

Silver/Greenish-blue clip-on polarized lens.
*Not available in size 50mm.


(45mm & 48mm)

Moss Green/Greenish-blue clip-on polarized lens
*Not available in size 50mm.

TVR® Premium Genuine Leather Case by Pittards World Class Leather


Designed by TVR®, the new premium leather case for TVR® x The Laterals™ is meticulously handmade in Japan and patented exclusively using Pittards World Class Leather, a high-quality soft hide from England with a hallmark of almost 200 years. With a full-grain brown leather with subtle metallic pigments and an antique finish, the leather is gently milled to create a soft, casual texture that that’s highly desirable as a keepsake.


Included with your purchase


Master Craftsman

“Quality handcrafted eyewear is our DNA and we are proud to re-introduce these iconic vintage styles to a new generation of eyewear customers.”— Sawada-Yaemon


Coming from a family of master craftsmen whose heritage dates back to the Edo period, Sawada-Yaemon holds strongly to his multi-generational reputation in eyewear production. The Yaemon family is the first to perfect the iconic TVR® 504 shape using traditional measurement techniques.

Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Exchange Policy

Return and Refunds are not possible because all of TVR® items are made in very limited quantity. Exchanges may be accepted only if:

• The item has not been worn
• All items including the sunglasses, case and cloth are returned
• The item is free of any damage caused by the customer
• The item is shipped back in its original packaging


Customers will assume responsibility for exchange shipping charges. True Vintage Revival (TVR®) will not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation of exchange package(s) lost in transit without proof of delivery to the TVR OPT office. All exchange orders must be shipped back within 7 days of the receipt date of the package.


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