Beyond the ordinary with Bell & Ross

For Bell & Ross, the imagination is continually pushed to new heights by futuristic accents. For the recently opened new boutique at the 1 Utama Shopping Center, Bell & Ross aims to provide its customers the opportunity to experience the exceptional by balancing elements of style and aeronautics. The new boutique takes guests on a surreal journey through its modern, classy and transparent interior design.

The overall theme of aviation reflects the sky-high ideals Bell & Ross aspires to, and it manages to deliver that elegance through aircraft design features, including a cockpit-inspired look. The boutique looks impeccable with the large tile work that reminds you of an airport flooring, black and white contrasting elements, minimalistic marble and glass designs and LED light strips on the ceiling.

Take Off with Air.PodX

In conjunction with Swiss Watch Gallery, The Air.PodX event was planned to suit the boutique’s distinctive airplane-inspired aesthetics. The event resembles an airport terminal, a highly symbolic but familiar experience that represents the mental pleasures travellers would get when approaching the gate. 

Esteemed guests at this one-night-only event were given boarding permits as a form of identification when they arrived. Once inside the event, guests could witness the latest Bell & Ross novelties on display.

The highlights includes the multifunctional BR 03-94 Multimeter. Its utility goes beyond measuring short times, offering as a pulsometer, asthmometer, tachymeter 01—03, and everything you would expect from a chronograph. The watch looks stunning in a Matt black ceramic case and an anti-reflective Sapphire coating.

Next, guests witnessed the precision radio navigation tool, BR 03-92 Radiocompass. Using its uniquely colored hands, this watch ensures ideal readability. Inspired by the flight radio receiver, the Radiocompass can tell the time in the most challenging weather.

Lastly, the latest and industrial BR 05 Artline“This name indicates that it incorporates an artistic dimension (art) in its design (line). When you look at it, you immediately think of the American style of the Stream-Line”, explains Bruno Belamich, co-founder of Bell & Ross. The watch takes inspiration from the corrugated aluminum fuselage of the first transport planes in the 1940s. It is a timepiece with military precision disguised as an exquisite piece of jewelry. 

Visit your local Bell & Ross Boutique in 1UTAMA SHOPPING CENTRE n Petaling Jaya, to discover our watch collections.

1-Utama Shopping Centre – GK2B, Ground Floor Luxe

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